Teaching guitar on Skype has allowed me to meet many great players and people around the world.  I never thought it would lead to teaching guitar to the blind until I met my buddy Tony Gebhard.  Tony is exactly like me and you except he is blind…he tells me it is his blindness that brought him to the guitar.  In my experience teaching the blind I notice how quick and developed their hearing is. It only makes sense for them to be drawn to music and excel at it.

Seeing The Sound

Tony has been playing 7 years and has developed some really nice chops, a wicked vibrato and great musical reflexes.  His current favorite bands and guitarists are: Five Finger Death Punch, Guitarist Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine, Guitarist Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold, Guitarist James Hetfeild from Metallica and many more. Tony says he would like to have a full time music career, and be able to go on tour and bring creative great music to humanity.  Tony and I worked on the A Harmonic Minor Scale in first postion and a Sweep Picking Triad for A Minor. He was all over it! I am helping Tony at no charge. The reward is all mine for seeing him happy. Please contact me about scheduling  if you are a organization for the blind or know of a blind person who has a desire to play guitar, bass or ukulele.