Ukulelemate Free Skype Lesson

I wanted to thank my buddy Joel at ukulelemate for promoting our Ukulelemate free Skype lesson.  I have about quite a few awesome guitar and ukulele students on my schedule now from Australia.  I am also getting exposed to the Aussie slang and being coached by the experts on my accent.  We actually do manage to get work done while having some fun.  Most of the areas I have broadcast lessons to in Australia have a solid internet connection so no worries.  A majority of the students who are taking up the lesson offer are totally beginners.  I like to spend about 30 to 45 minutes answering any questions the student has and demonstrating basic playing concepts.  I also make sure to send notation for the student to print out so they can get a understanding of how music is written for the ukulele.  So, if you happen to stumble on this article give ukulelemate a click and check them out.