Stevie Wonder “Do I Do” Bass Tab

Stevie Wonder "Do I Do" bass tab by Jeffrey Thomas.  Learn the song structure, licks, fills and technique needed to play this funk classic by Stevie Wonder.  I followed the original recording for this arrangement.  Find more bass tab, tips and tricks in my Bass Tab Archive or Bass Video [...]

Stevie Wonder “Do I Do” Bass Tab2015-10-01T21:59:42-07:00

Extreme “More Than Words” Guitar Tab

Extreme "More Than Words" guitar tab will be going up on the workbench today.  I will be getting all the right chords, fingerpicking details and song structure so you can play it just like the recording!  I have page one posted in my guitar tab archives here: Extreme "More Than [...]

Extreme “More Than Words” Guitar Tab2015-10-08T22:57:34-07:00