Kids Guitar Lessons

Parents of young children have often asked me what a good age to start is and I have concluded that 7 is a great starting age.  I am totally willing to give it a try with younger students but have found that there can be a issue with the math of music.  I like to start young guitar students out of beginning method books and the concepts of whole notes, half notes and quarter notes can be a problem.  This is the main reason I always offer the first guitar lesson free so we can see how the student does.  It is best to keep the lessons fun and relaxed with a parent monitoring the lesson.

Guitar Playing Requires Dexterity

Developing hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and hand strength are the big hurdles for kids when learning guitar. The method books I use are very strategic and help the student develop in a step by step, sequential order. This is so important because once the students gains confidence they really take off and want to try everything.

Make sure to look at 3/4 and 1/2 sized guitars for smaller kids.  The main thing to watch is the strumming arm coming over the guitar.  If the guitar is too big the picking hand can have a hard time finding the strings.

I also make sure to keep the lessons fun by showing basic melodies for Star Wars, The Super Mario Theme, Pokemon, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and other Tv and movie themes the student likes for guitar.

Kids Guitar Lessons On Skype

When I decided to move my guitar lessons over to Skype I was concerned about the younger students being confused or intimidated by the technology. Much to my surprise the result has been totally the opposite. It is amazing to me how quick young guitar students learn the Skype interface and often times correcting Mom or Dad about which button to use for a specific feature.

The interaction on Skype for guitar lessons is very natural and productive. The student is in a comfortable setting with a Parent monitoring the lesson and involved in the child’s progress and practice assignments for the week. Please contact me through one of the many scheduling buttons on the site or use the Contact Page to set up your free Skype guitar lesson today!