Learning to play guitar like Joe Perry will take some work!  I have many guitar students who love his blues, rock influenced guitar style.  Joe has said himself that he “doesn’t want to play in a Aerosmith tribute band.”  So you will hear him take a fresh, free-style approach rarely playing the song the same way twice.  Let’s get down to a little theory on Joe’s soloing tools.

The Scale Choice

Joe has a great understanding of the Mixolydian, Dorian, Major and Minor pentatonics.  In regard to pentatonic scales he is very adept and what I like to call “pentatonic blending.”  For example in Walk This Way during the vamp of a A chord, Joe will mix the A major and A minor pentatonics.   This is a huge area of study that most players miss!  It requires that you know all 5 major and all 5 minor pentatonic patterns…so yah, 10 patterns to really nail this.

Skype Rock Guitar Lessons

Feel free to contact me to set up a free Skype guitar lesson.  I have many students working on rock guitar soloing in the style of Joe Perry.