Ingram Weber

I am located in Tokyo, Japan and I have been working with Jeff over Skype for about 6 months. Jeff is great to work with. He very kindly transposes the music I am interested in playing and as a result of our lessons I have improved considerably. He is always [...]

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Lisa Ann Wright

I live in Virginia and have been taking Skype guitar lessons from Jeff for several months now and I’m very happy with Jeff, who is a fabulous instructor. He is very patient and encouraging and because of this I am finally doing more with my playing that ever before. He [...]

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Craig Jordan

Living in a semi-rural area (Placerville, California) limited my options for finding a great teacher that could help me progress towards my goal of becoming a better classical player while developing my ability to read music and understand music theory. Although I was skeptical that my goals could be achieved [...]

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Susan Puccini

I have been studying Bass Guitar with Jeff for 3 years I started with lessons when I was 67 yrs old and learned more from him in three years than I ever knew about my acoustic guitar. I did this through a 30 min lesson once a week over Skype. He [...]

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Kawena Mann

Aloha!!! My name is Kawenaulaokala Mann. I am a kumu hula (hula teacher) presently living in Japan. Since moving here in 2008, it became apparent to me that my ability to play music on a professional level was greatly lacking. I have always wanted to seek a kind and patient [...]

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