Bass Guitar Shopping

Getting Started with Bass Guitar! I love teaching the bass guitar. It has a great feel and makes the student realize the importance of solid rhythm playing and groove quickly. Regardless of the style, Funk, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Blues, Country etc…the bass guitar has a definite role in music. The beginning bassist will have some challenges at first but soon will be playing recognizable bass lines, reading in bass clef, counting and looking for a good drummer, guitarist and a garage to start jamming.

Once again packages make the most sense. Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez & Yamaha are good brands to choose from. The method books I use are: Mel Bay’s Electric Bass Method Volume 1 & 2 for beginning to intermediate level reading & technique. For electric slap bass there are two books I use: Progressive Slap Technique for Bass Guitar by Stephan Richter (Koala Publications) or Slap It by Tony Oppenheim. The best inexpensive metronome is the Matrix MR-500 or any other battery operated metronome. Korg, Seiko, Boss & Qwik Time also manufacture metronomes. Picks are used for bass playing but it is best to develop finger style technique. If you want to use a pick on the bass I suggest heavy gauge picks.

In my online bass guitar lessons archives you will find a variety of tunes and a important lesson titled Natural Notes Bass. This lesson will help you understand note placement in standard notation for the full range of the bass fretboard. The lesson has a corresponding video watch & learn. Bass lessons online with webcams is a great way to learn! Please contact me to schedule your free Skype bass lesson today.