Looking to learn how to play the guitar? Or maybe you’re already there and want to learn some new skills? Every time you pick up a musical instrument, you’re learning. Even if all you do is pick up your guitar to get a feel for it, you’re learning.

Learn from Your Own Home

Whether you’re 7 or 70, a beginner or a pro, driving to lessons is an unnecessary barrier to learning how to play or building new skills. Musician Jeffrey Thomas teaches students all over the world. He has always used Skype and Google Hangouts for this and is now offering lessons via FaceTime too. Sure, YouTube and Vimeo can get you so far, but having someone to mentor you from your own home is next level.

Free Guitar, Ukulele, or Bass Lesson

Need to see it for yourself? You can. You can do it for free too. Try a free FaceTime guitar, bass, or ukulele lesson and see just how awesome video lessons with Jeff are.

Which Genre?

Jeff teaches Traditional Classical to Punk, Black Metal to Praise & Worship, Flamenco to Radio Disney Artists, Blues of many forms, Hip Hop, Reggae, Folk, Shred, Bluegrass, Motown, Rock, Grunge, Indie, Pop, R&B, Funk, Rockabilly, Latin, Country, and World Music.

Why Learn Strings via FaceTime?

It’s fun.
It’s convenient.
You can learn guitar, bass, or ukulele at your own pace.
Jeff might be in some exotic country, so your lesson could have a rad backdrop.
You get to choose which material you want to learn.
With no commute, you can fit more lessons into your schedule.
You can try a free 30-minute lesson from the comfort of your own home.


Students who take FaceTime lessons with Jeff learn many basic essential music reading skills, rhythmic studies, tablature, chord voicings, etc. Jeff also works out of graded method books with his students to develop their music reading skills.
Schedule a Free Guitar, Bass, or ukulele FaceTime Lesson Today.