Electric Guitar Shopping

Ok, so it is straight to the electric guitar for you! I have been in the middle of many battles between Parents and their Son or Daughter who has their heart set on getting started with electric guitar. Usually, the parent wants the student to start on acoustic guitar and the student wants a electric. Sound familiar? My advice, the electric guitar is not magic and the student will still need to work to get results. The electric guitar does give the student the proper tool if they are listening to Rock, Metal, Shred, Punk, Blues etc…or have guitar heroes who play the electric more than the acoustic. Further, the amplifier will allow the student to get a variety of sounds used by the artists they are listening to. Entry level complete packages are made by: Fender, Yamaha, Epiphone, Ibanez, Daisy Rock etc…

These packages include various accessories such as the amplifier, cable, gig bag, strap, picks, tuner all in one big affordable box.

Usually, the guitars included in these packages last the student for a couple of years. Some of my students still have their first guitar from a package 5 years later. Since so many accessories are included the only ones I can think to mention are a metronome like the Matrix MR-500 and the method books for reading music: Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 (for students with prior reading experience) Hal Leonard Guitar Method 1 or Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method 1. Medium picks are the best gauge with the proper flex. Be sure you check through the picks that come with the package sometimes they include a assortment of thin medium & heavy picks.

In my online guitar lessons archives you will find cool tunes and a important lesson titled “Natural Notes Guitar”. This lesson will walk you through the natural notes on the guitar in standard notation with a corresponding video file. Webcam guitar lessons are a great way to learn! Please contact me to schedule your free Skype electric guitar lesson today.