Learn to play and count 16th notes for ukulele with my free video and notation.  This free video ukulele lesson shows the “Rhythmic Code” for 16th notes.  Examples are played slowly with a metronome.  Learn tips on strumming patterns, palm muting, holding the pick and more!  A great lesson for learning more advanced strumming patterns on the ukulele.  This is a very popular lesson with my ukulele students.  Want the full ukulele tab for free?  Just send in your email address using the form provided.  Looking for online ukulele lessons?  Fill the Schedule A Free Lesson form to set up a free Skype ukulele lesson today.

16th Notes for Ukulele

This is a great free video ukulele lesson for any player who wants to add more advanced strumming patterns to their playing.  16th notes are not only for strum pattern they are used in melodies, arpeggios and many other elements of ukulele playing.

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