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Jeffrey Thomas has been teaching Skype guitar lessons for 7 years now establishing himself as one of the best online guitar teachers.  Online guitar lessons have allowed Jeff to connect with satisfied guitar students in the USA, UK, Japan, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Australia, China, Canada and many other locations.  With Skype guitar lessons the students are able to connect online with Jeff through Skype or Google Hangout, High-speed internet and webcams.

Guitar lessons online allow the student to learn from the comfort of their own home or office. The student is more relaxed, focused and ready to learn. No more running around town fighting traffic to get from point A to point B and back home again. Skype guitar lessons are working great for guitar students around the world. Online guitar lessons are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  Jeff’s guitar lessons are custom fit to the students interests and goals.

Online Guitar Lessons for All Ages

These Skype guitar lessons are helping people of all ages learn to play. Students as young as 7 are accepted.  Guitar students learn to read music, understand and apply music theory, learn songwriting skills and advance your technique.  Jeff allows the students to send song requests and he is teaching a every growing styles and genre list. Learn pop guitar, country guitar, folk guitar, fingerpicking guitar, classical guitar, jazz guitar, bluegrass guitar, flamenco guitar, blues guitar, funk guitar, metal, ska, reggae, punk etc…your written lesson is prepared ahead of lesson time allowing a hands on learning experience presented to the student at their level.  Kids guitar lessons, teens guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for seniors are offered.

How do I get started with an online guitar lesson today?

Scheduling Skype guitar lessons is quick and easy!  Fill out the Schedule A Free Lesson form and Jeff will reply quickly with open time spots for you to choose from. Webcam guitar lessons require a high speed internet connection, a functioning computer able to run real time audio and video for the webcam. Skype, ooVoo, Yahoo Messenger and Google Hangout are free downloads and must be installed and functioning on your computer ahead of lesson time. Jeff is more than happy to help with technical questions to make sure the camera, computer and program settings are at the best they can be.  Download Skype here.

Schedule Your Free Skype Guitar Lesson

Scheduling your free guitar lesson has never been so easy!  Complete the Schedule A Free Lesson form and I will respond quickly and in many cases we can have your free guitar lesson on the same day!


  • Fantastic teacher!  I've had a number of different music teacher over the last several years and none of them I felt like I developed as much of a personal connection to as I have with Jeff.  I get the opportunity to learn a wide variety of guitar styles and theory, technique and songs of my choice all at my own pace.  I have come a long way in just a few years studying with Jeff 🙂

    Nick NagyNick Nagy
  • Jeff was very helpful!  Very knowledgeable about chords and theory.  I worked with him on a song I was writing and he gave me great options for the bridge.  He pointed me in the right direction very quickly and I used all of his solutions.

    Ruby MarzettaRuby Marzetta
  • Jeffrey is a very good bass instructor.  I was a total beginner and in a few months of lessons was reading music and playing some of the songs I like!  I hope to be ready to play in a band with my friends soon.  Thanks Jeff!

    Leslie NemanuLeslie Nemanu
  • Jeff is EXTREMELY friendly and understanding.  My ukulele playing has improved in giant leaps and I do not waste time on youtube anymore!

    Howard AkumaihHoward Akumaih
  • Jeff is a dedicated, generous teacher who arranges music for me, coaches me patiently and takes genuine pleasure in my progress. The Skype format works brilliantly for me too.

    Mary O’MalleyMary O’Malley
  • I started weekly skype ukulele lessons with Jeff in early 2014. Jeff brings an incredible depth of technical knowledge, playing prowess and teaching experience to his lessons. He has a structured approach to presenting and explaining music and has tailored his teaching style to suit my playing level, strengths and musical interests.

    He prepares for each of our lessons to support my progress and is patient and humorous which makes the lesson fun. I recommend Jeff for ukulele and guitar players at all levels.

    Liz KingLiz King
  • I have been learning ukulele with Jeff via skype for about 12 months now, and during that time he has expanded my skills and knowledge beyond all recognition. Any song you want to learn - from pop to rock, blues, jazz or country - and Jeff will come up with a fabulous arrangement, complete with clear tabs, chord diagrams and recommended fingering.

    His patience and good-humor are endless, no matter how many bum notes! I would recommend Jeff without reservation to everyone from novices to seasoned players. I am delighted to have him not only as a teacher, but also as a friend.

    Jenny BrownJenny Brown
  • Aloha!!! My name is Kawenaulaokala Mann. I am a kumu hula (hula teacher) presently living in Japan. Since moving here in 2008, it became apparent to me that my ability to play music on a professional level was greatly lacking. I have always wanted to seek a kind and patient guitar teacher, someone that could help me reach my personal goals. Up until recently, finding a teacher in Japan has been difficult because of the language barrier. Today, I am thankful for having found a GREAT teacher in Jeff. My lessons are done on Skype. I learn in the comfort of my own home while avoiding the language problems. Jeff has been so patient throughout his lessons. He certainly does his work with an uncanny amount of respect and integrity. Jeff always offers a positive word of encouragement to make me feel relaxed whereby I feel I am able to do the guitar lesson at hand. And, more importantly, his fee for his service, expertise and knowledge has been affordable and reasonable. I am certain that if you spent a few minutes learning with Jeff you will find as I do that he is God sent. I believe I can be a guitar hero because of him.

    Kawena MannKawena Mann
  • I have been studying Bass Guitar with Jeff for 3 years I started with lessons when I was 67 yrs old and learned more from him in three years than I ever knew about my acoustic guitar. I did this through a 30 min lesson once a week over Skype. He is a terrific teacher and very patient! I highly recommend Jeffrey Thomas as a teacher and a friend. I am in Vancouver, Canada and would never have met him except through Skype.

    Susan PucciniSusan Puccini
  • Living in a semi-rural area (Placerville, California) limited my options for finding a great teacher that could help me progress towards my goal of becoming a better classical player while developing my ability to read music and understand music theory. Although I was skeptical that my goals could be achieved within the Skype format, Jeffrey Thomas has proven that computer-based lessons can be effective. He is both an excellent player and teacher, and is fluent in most every style of music. His love of music is apparent and shines through in his teaching. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has the desire to develop as a musician and guitar player and would like the convenience of Skype-based lessons.

    Craig JordanCraig Jordan
  • I live in Virginia and have been taking Skype guitar lessons from Jeff for several months now and I’m very happy with Jeff, who is a fabulous instructor. He is very patient and encouraging and because of this I am finally doing more with my playing that ever before. He works hard for his students  and pays attention to detail— and his fine musicianship make him an ideal teacher. I look forward to our weekly lessons and to getting better as a player!

    Lisa Ann WrightLisa Ann Wright
  • I am located in Tokyo, Japan and I have been working with Jeff over Skype for about 6 months. Jeff is great to work with. He very kindly transposes the music I am interested in playing and as a result of our lessons I have improved considerably. He is always on time and is very accommodating when I have to cancel a lesson at the last minute.

    Ingram WeberIngram Weber

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