Your ultimate source for detailed guitar tabs, guitar chords, guitar songs and guitar lessons by Jeffrey Thomas.  Tired of tabs with no rhythmic detail, no picking detail or left hand fingerings? Learn songs right the first time and stop developing bad habits that will hold your progress back.  In Jeff’s guitar tab archive you will find rock guitar tab, pop guitar tab, jazz guitar tab, blues guitar tab, country guitar tab, flamenco guitar tab, classical guitar tab, reggae guitar tab, metal guitar tab, shred guitar tab and music theory studies for guitar, rhythmic studies for guitar, note reading studies for guitar and much more!

Free Guitar Tabs

Jeff comprehensive guitar tab archive is updated every week and has a very easy viewing and download system for each tab.  If you don’t find what you are looking for please send a guitar tab request to Jeff or take him up on the free Skype guitar lesson he is offering!  Have fun browsing and learning.  Thanks, Jeff.