Ohana Music, a creator of high-quality ukuleles since 2006, has recently formed a partnership with Jeffrey Thomas to teach ukulele lessons via Skype. Thomas, who also teaches guitar and bass on a full-time basis, works with students learning the instrument for the first time all the way to advanced players.

To promote this new partnership, Thomas is offering one free virtual ukulele lesson to anyone who requests it through the Ohana website. Prospective students taking advantage of this offer simply need to complete a web form with the following information: name, Skype ID or email address, time zone, and when he or she is available to complete the lesson.

About Ohana

The core beliefs that define Ohana as an organization include playability, quality, and value. To achieve these standards, Ohana uses the finest constructions and rich tone woods to produce an instrument capable of making the most pleasant sounds possible.

Ohana employees inspect every ukulele before it leaves the facility to ensure that it meets these high standards. While it must be playable and functional, Ohana is most concerned that each of the company’s instruments inspire people to learn music and share it with others for a lifetime.

Customers ordering a ukulele from Ohana can choose from among multiple options. These include a do-it-yourself ukulele starter kit, step-up, solid tops, deluxe solid tops, all solid models, vintage models, unique models, limited edition, rhythm line, and performance series.

Louis Wu, the owner of Ohana, chose the company name because the word means family. Working with a small staff since starting the business makes the atmosphere seem like one of close family rather than unrelated co-workers.

We continually research new models to offer customers a greater variety of options. The most important qualities when selecting a new model to introduce to the public include hardware choice, thickness of sound, and type of bracing used.

Ohana company leadership believes strongly in musical education and giving back to communities to make them stronger. One way it does this is by offering a ukulele library lending program in Allegheny, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California.

Other community outreach events include a partnership with Ohana Club Sunday in Torrance, California to bring ukulele music to the public; a ukulele program with the Boys & Girls Club in Venice, California, and donating a portion of sales to veteran organizations.

About Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas has extensive musical training from some of the top universities in the country as well as private study with many notable names in the music industry. He plays and teaches in multiple genres, including everything from traditional classical to blues to rockabilly.

Bass, guitar, and ukulele instructor Jeffrey Thomas is excited about the partnership with Ohana and introducing more people to the joy of playing a musical instrument. It is the hope of both partners that the free introductory lesson will inspire people to learn to become accomplished ukulele players.  Easy lesson scheduling here: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/schedule-free-lesson/