X Ambassadors Renegades Free Guitar Tab by Jeffrey Thomas.  There is some confusion between the studio version and how the X Ambassadors play this song live.  In many of the live versions the tune starts with strumming and not the cool arpeggios played on the studio take.  I have followed the studio version.  Learn the arpeggio patterns, proper chords, fingerings and strumming details.  If you would like the full guitar tab for free just enter your email in the form provided.  Looking for a free Skype guitar lesson?  Fill out the Schedule A Free Lesson form and we will get started!

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X Ambassadors Renegades Free Guitar Tab

“Renegades” is a very inspirational tune about overcoming obstacles and disabilities.  Carey Harris is the keyboard player for X Ambassadors and has been blind since birth.  Check out more popular online guitar tab on my tab, blog and video pages.

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