Bruddah IZ Somewhere Over The Rainbow Free Ukulele Tab by Jeffrey Thomas.  I am following the original recording and getting all the cool strum variations that happen.  The original recording uses a low G but it will sound fine with high G.  This is the number one request from most of my ukulele students and I am glad to have it in my archive.  Let me know if you would like the free ukulele tab?  Just send your email to me in the form provided.  Looking to improve your ukulele strumming?  Fill out the Schedule A Free Lesson form to set up your free Skype ukulele lesson.

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Bruddah IZ Somewhere Over The Rainbow Free Ukulele Tab

The Hawaii state flag flew at half-staff on July 10, 1997, the day of Bruddah IZ’s  funeral.  Make sure to check out more free online ukulele lessons on my tab, video and blog pages.

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Free Bruddah IZ Ukulele Tab For Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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